Lyden af Menneske / Christian Wolz & Katerine Faber / 2013

Foto: Katerine Faber


Teater Viva will create a performance at Åbne Scene about the human voice; about freedom of speech and suppression, and of the right to speak and use your voice freely. The performance finds itself in the borderland between theatre, performance, concert and installation. What is the sound of a human being? What is the sound of humanity? What does it mean for a human being to have a voice, or not to have a voice? Five voiceperformers and singers, a cellist and a choir of 12 - a room full of human sound!
The audience will experience a huge spectrum of the possibilities of the human voice. Bel canto, shouts, whispers, stories, laughter and tears, seduction, struggle and encounters. Every one of the 5 performances will be unique because there’ll be a different combination of performers on the stage each time.

Each performance was unique, “work in progress,” with the audience being co-creators of Teater Vivas final production “Lyden af Menneske” the 14th -18th May 2014 at Åben Scene.
The performance has therefore been in itself an example of the human community and of the co-creation of the world we all live in.

Lyden af Menneske was managed by Åbne Scene in Godsbanen in Aarhus.

Cast: Theirry Boisdon, Christina Dahl, Anne Eisensee, Christian Wolz, Aksel Striim, Katrine Faber, and The Human Choir.