two voices for civilization / Christian Wolz & Katerine Faber / 2014

Foto: © Christian Wolz


„two voices for civilization“ is based on the the mission of (european) german and danish soldiers in Afghanistan.

This work is a meeting of two vocal and performance artists. Both are working with the background of the military mission, of the people which are direct connected with this theme and also the theme of reconciliation in different aspects.

Interviews with ex soldiers of both countries, migrants from Afghanistan and also normal people of the population have been the basic or the screen for the whole piece.

We built up a mosaic of different abstract and concrete images which facilitates the current history and the interconnection of the different cultures - the european and the arabian.

The focus of this work is the pro-civilization. The civilians have to decide it.

Three "work in progress performances"  took place on the danish island Anholt in August of 2014.

The end of the production was performed in November 2014 at the Godsbanen in Aarhus